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Sloop point ornament (see photo in RECENT PHOTOS)                        $12.00

Pender Courthouse Ornament  (see RECENT PHOTOS)                           12.00

Pender County Coverlet (see RECENT PHOTOS)                                        50.00

History of Pender County  by   Mattie Bloodworth                                     30.00

 History of Burgaw by Bill Reaves                                                                  30.00 

Pender County Centennial 1875 - 1975                                                           6.00

Jeffrey Stark, An account by a Civil War Veteran                                        12.00

Life Was Full by Susie Burnett Jones                                                              15.00

The House at Brauman's Landing by Nancy Murphy Small                         15.00

Note Cards with drawing of Museum                                                                 4.00